CA Black Caucus Chair Chris Holden Calls out Latest Ad by Tuck Allies as the Worst of Racial Stereotyping

Press Release


LOS ANGELES – Today, Chris Holden, California Assemblymember and chair of the Legislative Black Caucus, called for an end to the racially manipulative ads and mailers being released by Marshall Tuck’s allies. Holden adds his voice to a chorus of African American and civil rights leaders calling out the racially charged ads supporting Tuck.   

Holden said: “Enough is enough. These tactics must end.

After releasing a series of manipulative and offensive mailers and television ads, Marshall Tuck’s allies have really crossed the line this time. EdVoice’s latest web ad can be best described as last minute Willie Horton tactics aimed at manipulating California voters. California’s public discourse has no place for Trump like attacks, which use racial undertones and dog-whistle politics.

“We all see straight through these despicable tactics—they are the worst of racial stereotyping—and it’s time for them to end. I implore Marshall Tuck to call for end to these ads,” Holden said.

In the last few months, Marshall Tuck’s allies have commandeered institutions and public figures that are influential in the African American community to manipulate voters. Tuck’s allies have previously misused images of President Barack Obama and most recently the ACLU to discredit Tony Thurmond.  

The NAACP said it “has long fought back against racism in campaigning. Blowing the racist dog whistle in politics is shameful. This disgraceful practice against black candidates unfortunately has a long and shameful history.”

Holden joins Congresswoman Barbara Lee, State Senator Holly Mitchell, the ACLU, the NAACP, and Mayor London Breed in condemning the ads on Marshall Tuck’s behalf and calling for their censure.